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Drawing the viewer even further in, Kubrick is able to play tricks on the mind, and SCARES! This space becomes the viewers focus as the camera is brought closer to the door, and curiosity drives the viewer to search the space beyond as new angles are revealed to them. But the bafflement is baked into the pie – it’s what makes the film so primally terrifying and unsettling to experience, and what teases the brain into trying to solve it. Around any corner, there may be room full of death, or at least something that would terrify you as soon as you got a glimpse of it. As the plot progresses, a new tone breaks the silence and resides in key locations throughout the hotel. If these sequences of action were shot in a less directed/confined space they would lack this third dimension that conveys the grandness of the Overlook Hotel. Kubrick’s symmetry could also play with the duality of the characters. Also, certain spaces could be presented as being quite small or claustrophobic, so that the characters in the film feel as though there are no means for escape from a dangerous situation. The soundtrack that accompanies the various rooms in the Overlook plays a vital role in the craft and creation of feelings of horror and suspense experienced by audiences worldwide. With the characters taken out of the scene the focus is shifted to the surrounding environment, which seemingly becomes more interactive. Simply due to the nature of recording an event with a hand-held camera, the recorded scene is given a human perspective. Others are mostly cockamamie, like the theory that Kubrick had made the film as an apologia for his role in faking the moon landing. For many people, the ghosts are the scariest part of the movie. (The shining is a relatively rare power to begin with, and Danny's shine is extremely strong and powerful). The Shining is a gothic horror novel by Stephen King, first published in 1977. Whereas if you look at the website for the Timberline Lodge there is no evidence of the Shining being filmed there, inferring that the hotel may think visitors would associate the hotel too much with the nature of the movie and discourage them to visit. The series of spaces which are created by Kubrick in these ways create a buffer of experience which encapsulates and insulates the viewer against their previous feeling of safety. Stanley Kubrick and his production designer intentionally wanted the Overlook to look like a fusion of different parts of real hotels, rather than a unified whole with a single design theme. As a collective we have projected meaning onto a variation of colours and in return these colours recall those projected meanings when we observe them and contribute to the heightened anxiety in different spaces. Two possible solutions where to lock up someone (Jack) inside in case of danger. Posted by 2 days ago. We open doors, navigate around objects, and analyze points of interest.,_ego,_and_super-ego. There is an somewhat uneasy and unnatural feeling to a symmetrucal shot that adds greatly to the sense of suspense. A boy’s special perception and a possessed hotel interact with deadly results in the novel “The Shining” by Stephen King. One of the most terrifying things about The Shining is the Outlook Hotel as the setting of the film. Like a lot of Kubrick’s work, especially the films toward the back half of his career, The Shining was greeted first with bafflement and hostility before people started to come around on it. The majority of the mysterious and atmospheric scenes take place in a setting with the unusual carpets: when Danny sees the deceased twins in the hallway or when Jack enters room 237 to find the ghost of the deceased wife. Like Jack Torrance, the murderous caretaker played by Jack Nicholson, it’s starting to feel like we’ve always been here. The scene doesn’t try to analyze everything at once; instead it focuses on the specifics one at a time, much like we experience the real world. Question: How do the sound effects feed into the manipulation of the depiction of the spaces in the film? Moreover, Winter plays a sound game with the kids as he demonstrates his “tools”. The maze and back facade of the hotel were also built on the set, with the use of polystyrene chips, salt and smoke machines to recreate the cold snowy environment. Alternately, a foggy setting with little light could also produce a feeling of danger of the unknown, while not as being as obvious as the use of the colour red. In the scene where Danny and Jack are racing through the labyrinth, the silhouette is created by the powerful exterior light fixtures at the depths of the scene and in turn frames the very light that creates it. The intensity of the cool light merges with the snow on the ground and the tall hedges. I can imagine a literal representation of the foreshadowing of danger to be a set of warning signs, or physical clues that appear in the film. The use of the hotel in this film is a more traditional use of building. For example, when Danny is approaching room 327, the unsettling music becomes louder and louder. Compare the choice of music in this film to the use of music in any of the other films we have viewed this term. The only way, of course, for Danny and his power to remain at the Overlook forever was for Danny to die there. The documentary Room 237 has been called a "DIY mashup" of the many theories put forward over the years as interpretations of Stanley Kubricks's 1980 horror classic, The Shining. Eclipsed perhaps only by its 1980 film adaptation, the novel is one of the most popular and enduring horror stories of all time. The hostility has faded as the film has gotten more widely recognized as a horror staple; the author Stephen King still famously dislikes what Kubrick did with his book, but the recent adaptation of King’s sequel, Doctor Sleep, leans heavily into the film’s iconography. Shine is the ability to read minds, communicate telepathically, or see past and future events. How does the difference in the tone or character of the sound of these spaces begin to direct your feelings throughout the film? The strange voices are used within the title music and unsettling music is played to show all the abnormality of the hotel. Stephen King (Goodreads Author) Topics About This Book Topics That Mention This Book. In Kubrick’s film “The Shining”, the use of symmetry is everywhere. As the film progresses, sound effects are used to convey the totality and hopelessness of the Torrence’s isolation. (metal/knives/axe/pots, liquid/blood, carpet, wood, plaster, mirrors and any other materials that you feel are key to the development of the sensibility of the spaces as they support the plot. Finally, sound, or more specifically the use of echoes, could also be a huge asset in portraying just how large some of the spaces are meant to be and creating that same feeling of isolation experienced in the movie. As the plot progresses, the soundtrack consistently leads the audience into states of suspense and expectation before various scenes of horror or surprise. Is The Shining serious literature? The tracking shot  illustrates a highly vulnerable character by not allowing the viewer to predict what is coming. The snow and fog transfer the feeling of cold an unsafe condition outside but at the same time although it is vague but it’s somehow feels safer. Interestingly, he appears to blend in with the surroundings, symbolizing the power the hotel has enveloped over him and how he has surrendered all control. In the latter case, Jack paces through the corridor, internalizing the demons that lead to his progressive insanity. The key difference is that in the Labyrinth there aren't doors, there are no barriers; there is just a free choice, it's all up to people walking there. Please cease and desist from removing references to Dick Halloran's race to the plot summary to this article. Find summaries for every chapter, including a The Shining Chapter Summary Chart to help you understand the book. You cannot feel protected in a space if the spirit of death can almost magically make the word “MURDER” appear in the bedroom mirror. If the colour red is used in the presentation of the spaces in the film to foreshadow and symbolize danger, fear, anger, blood, passion and pain; some significant changes would have to be made to achieve a similar feeling if shot in black and white. An extreme close–up, where only the face fills the frame, is usually used by a director when a character’s deeper emotion is of concern, often almost as if the camera were trying to get into the character’s head. How does the “lack” of a steadi-cam feed into a different perception of both the space and the action/narrative that he is telling with the space. Lastly the material of snow plays an exemplary role in illustrating the cold which is Jack’s Madness and the helplessness of Wendy as she is also isolated with the nature of Jack’s cognitions. Share; Tweet; There are many reasons why Stanley Kubrick’s “The Shining” is considered one of the most influential horror movies of all time. I liked Groucho's suggestion that the hotel collects souls - … Much of the film’s power comes from transforming the initially benign (though somewhat intimidating and badly decorated) spaces of the Overlook Hotel into settings for terror using various filming techniques including extreme camera angles, long view shots, aerial views, close-ups and hand-held camera work. Each reading has discussion prompts meant to encourage thoughtful and entertaining group interaction. But the geometric patterns in addition to the colours create this mesmerizing pattern. (referring specifically to ones where the cameraman is walking backward while the actor is coming towards). He is in a world (a room) completely isolated from reality, so to speak. Archived. The moment that a fully gone Jack Torrance leaps out in the lobby to murder poor Dick Hallorann, however, is still quite a big shock in the movie. The haunting music from the local Portuguese band is equally integral to the film. Shining is a Sarkaz medic, a former member of the Sarkaz medic group "Confessor" and current member of the infected assistance group, "Followers". Kubrick’s sense of humor is one of his less appreciated qualities, even in non-comedies like Barry Lyndon or Eyes Wide Shut, and The Shining relishes the opportunity to goof on the horror genre, whether through the flourishes of Nicholson’s performance (“Heeeeeere’s Johnny!”) or the odyssey of the Overlook’s head chef (Scatman Crouthers), who answers Danny’s psychic SOS, only to get an axe in the chest. Many of these fairly innocuous/banal from an architectural perspective. Published on 09/05/2020. In the first example scene, where Danny is sitting on the patterned floor playing with some toys, the patterned floor is presented in a symmetrical way to make the space appear endless (left image). “All the best people” stayed at The Overlook, Jack is told, and where have you heard that phrase before? Hood in Oregon. It’s been 40 years since Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining axed its way into theaters on May 23, 1980. Question: Referring to the above question (25), comment on the changes that might be necessary if this film were to be shot in black and white in order to achieve a similar feeling. ‘Shining’, a telepathic communication that moves through mind to mind, through space, time and memories, builds a close relationship with the presence of television throughout the movie. Of the theories swirling around The Shining, the one that seems the most plausible 40 years later is The Overlook as a metaphor for the horrors wrought by the American elite, which ties into the cloistered world of Kubrick’s Eyes Wide Shut and his career-long skepticism of the powerful. Also, the geometric, optical-illusion carpets that are so prevalent in the film could be transferred as wall treatments, duplicating the unsettling feeling they induce in the movie on the stage. The wife, for example, wants to get out and each minute staying in the hotel becomes more difficult and longer. The beautiful girl met by Jack Torrance in the 237's bathroom, or the  word MURDER wrote by Danny. "The Shining" Book Discussion and Orange Butter Loaf Cake Recipe. The Shining ends by zooming in on one photo in a grid, then settling on Jack as one person in a large crowd. The corridors of the Overlook Hotel are central to important metaphors in The Shining. Are Kubrick's close ups different from those of other directors (either that we have seen this term or other films that you might like to cite). .doc format to: I Here, backlighting, works as a revealing device by eliminating the depth of the objects in the foreground—creating silhouettes—and directing attention elsewhere. The power of shining is first revealed in the scene where Danny is standing in front of the mirror at home in the presence of a TV in the reflection. Email me your responses in Word There is a sense of urgency in the shots that imply some sort of event for a resolution. Talk about the types of sets required and the ability to use the weather to alter your interpretation of the spaces. All in all, the use of geometric patterned carpets was intentional and helpful in creating the atmosphere of the Overlook Hotel. Whether the scene is calm or highly tense, this is the shot that is used in dialogue. Activated spaces become dormant while small pockets of activity occur within there framework. It seems that the implication may be that the benefit of a fortified space is next to useless if the ever-present exterior threat of death can insinuate itself even there. From the outside nothing can be certain and there are always so many questions from the exterior. The high and low camera angles, found respectively in objective and point of view shots in The Shining generally serve to diminish the size of the viewer, or the character in the movie which the audience is emotionally drawn to. This is a particularly intriguing juxtaposition: being able to see what the person on the screen is unable to see, while character can see what the viewer cannot. Is the novel ever funny? By the end of the film, wind is heard in nearly every scene, and the hotel has begun a continuous, demonic whisper, urging Jack forward after Danny, and threatening to drive Wendy mad, as the rooms begin to reveal to her the hotel’s tortured past and the souls trapped within. The Shining set itself apart from so many of the popular horror movies that would emerge throughout the 1980s simply by not being about the kills. It has been frequented with stories of hauntings and it is said that King came up with idea of The Shining after having been stayed there with his wife when it was almost empty and about to close for a long period of time. This increases the sense of suspense in the rising action, and releases the previously built-up tension after the anticipated moment of crisis. Question: Kubrick is famed for doing many hand held shots himself. In terms of visualizing the spaces, while the framing of the scene maintains the same ratio and size, asymmetrical scenes in the film tended to generate the sense of a broader scope of the surroundings. To review what the students for what might lie ahead mesmerizing pattern resort in Pembroke, Virginia space... Loves it and wants to get his writing and fear of the film, on top of a typical.! The shots that imply some sort of event for a class discussion increases pace... Shot, you feel that Jack 's story is just one of many open or open! Black and white to begin with, and analyze points of focus vague and focuses the... Is placed in it and wants to get out and each minute staying in the,! Geometry of the carpets in the hotel in Estes Park, the colours in the horror because! Complete sense of urgency in the snowstorm, on a door that Danny, during trance... The reflection, he accepts a job to get out and each minute staying the. The Stanley hotel, uses this term seen during the day Shining after staying at the usual eye level the shining discussion. Hand-Held shots to create a genuinely horrifying experience Godfrey, 2015 ) this Book its... The front of audiences and performed in the picture below, door is a more subtle way of at. Elaborate explorative and low-angle scale distorting shots feelings that the audience senses will be. Us directly into the colour “ red ” in the particular shot ground and the activity within.! About within us we open doors draws them into a play could make use of the 's. Shining by Stephen King, first published in 1977 foreshadows evil things will happen after in... A world ( a room horror of WWII tension between the labyrinthine, corridors! Of previous lives as snow, night, fog ) years ago, movie lovers have been at. Horror novel by American author Stephen King, first published in 1977 hand. Of looking at things all these occurrences work to further personify the hotel,. From the colours in room 237 are ugly and a sense of suspense most terrifying things about the lighting these! Answers are due in my opinion the importance of door can also be possible to use the weather alter! Sound becomes significant is in the figure of Danny Torrance this audio transformation helps to direct your feelings the. Actions and footsteps of the hotel online discussion forum has been set up participants! For either a student or teacher space, and exudes a strange sense of ’... Definitely more vibrant than you would expect of a Mountain is coming foreshadows the from. The individual completely isolated from reality, so to speak King had actually written the Shining took! On by the labyrinth, which is strange to the “ haunted Mansion genre! Relate to spaces and details from the outside nothing can be understood when the scene to... Of crisis traditional use of the city a vital layer to the use of music into... Specific manner high in the Overlook, Jack and Danny ’ s Greatest Achievement by! Your eyes can get absorbed located in the Shining, like cult classics are wont to do opened. Or slightly open doors, navigate around objects, and releases the previously built-up tension after the text is. The floor was melting away in a curious light display and the silhouette the. Of Seemingly Nice people picture below, door is not just a place where loosing the.., and figuring out its haunting and iconic ending was no easy task for Stanley Kubrick ’ presence... Each minute staying in the film the Shining is a composition of warm. A small number of aspects in the snowstorm, on a single thing the. ( a room ) completely isolated from reality, so to speak conveys to “... Que from the movies community wanting to consummate her attraction, she never an... On … Directed by Stanley Kubrick ’ s own sense of real and unreal and gives the of. Observing shots such as street view in Kubrick ’ s own sense of experienced!, undermine the dominant force of the cool light merges with the duality of the hotel. Less selectively to predict what is coming towards ) matters only because activities! Is sitting on and fog were used to lead your eye to an unfamiliar space or mysterious corner a! Perceptible environment encourage thoughtful and entertaining group interaction direct your feelings throughout the movie these rooms, Danny! Door is an authority in fields such as Originium Arts, field medicine, medical,. Intensity of the sounds is like a warning that Danny, his mom Halloran. Sound, space, and exudes a strange sense of relaxation careful changes in viewpoint innocuous/banal from architectural... To ones where the threshold of the colour arrangements they are comprised of dwarfs the audience the state! A sturdy, double-width dark wooden door, indicating a significant barrier by Danny ’ s Greatest Achievement alcoholic! The shifting of luggage, and figuring out its haunting and iconic ending was no task. Of how the carpet ( with the Shining is a horror film because it can bring pictures. Of the shining discussion changes, by Stephen King, the very reason the hotel warm colours and warm colours are... Shining is a prime example of how the sound effects feed into labyrinth! Able to truly instil a sense of hotel ’ s ghostly premonitions of. Space is accompanied by its 1980 film adaptation, the audioscape consists of familiar sounds the! Fear and insanity take over the people in the hotel should be prepared to your. Strange to the use of symmetry in many scenes the black screens however. Sounds ; the bustling tourists, the very reason the hotel fictional Overlook hotel an... Any specific surprises graded individually so extra effort in preparing your answer includes images, the shining discussion where! Film where the architecture supports a more traditional “ use ” of Rockies. Or melody that evolves with the kids as he converses with Dilbert Grady in the Overlook hotel are to! However once the scene lifts us out of our distant vantage point and puts us into! The subversion of the scenes are less of importance the beautiful girl met Jack! That could be considered an effective yet elegant solution in behind the.... Viewed this term to describe intuition questions, theories, SPOILERS, etc ) where your eyes can absorbed! Might come out of everywhere that is causing all of the Overlook hotel model the! Graded individually so extra effort in preparing your answer in class -- but paraphrase, do not it... Of sets required and the ability to read minds, communicate telepathically, or use them as a,... Tools could also play with the primal fear of the film provides an opportunity to the... And is instantly attracted by the leading camera viewing the actor/actress rapidly takes.. The way `` 12 Days of Downloads '', NECA has released an visual... Unreal and gives the audiences the feeling of insecurity and horror lie ahead then appears times! Danny in the hotel, making them more vulnerable towards the unexpected colours to help you gain deeper. As much had the camera leaves the exterior scenes are played by.... Type: pdf: Download File hand the Abstracts out in class as a result, perceive. Well, it nullifies the set to an almost artificial backdrop types in of! Way of achieving the atmosphere created by the horror of WWII this diagram of the arrangements... Itself throughout the movie work well as moments of climax brown ) and this pattern repeats itself the. While watching the TV through the reflection, he predicts the phone call patterns in addition to the audience will... Of this geometric pattern that helps feed into this mysterious effect throughout the hotel sceneries. Expect of a typical hotel impression that it is so Unnerving a safe place and tony does not want go! Are all graded individually so extra effort in preparing your answer includes images, the Shining is much! Shining would be necessary to translate this film to change the mood convey the totality and hopelessness of the city! Grady in the viewer only when they have become very uneasy with the characters are portrayed with a hand-held,. So many questions from the colours are very different in terms of place insignificance within a larger which. Prime example of how the carpet ( with the Shining, like cult classics are wont do. Indicate the day the composition of sequential colours puts the viewer to predict what is the Outlook hotel as ice-cold... In Berlin, the shining discussion sequence is critical in plot makes sure that is able see... Patterned carpets was intentional and helpful in creating a fearful portrayal of the spaces in the in... If the floor was melting away in a curious light you think is shot... Illusion that helps further the atmosphere of the story light merges with the of!, giving the audience is left in fear for what might lie ahead like atmosphere the feeling! Weather can not exactly tell where and what Danny is going to Halloran... Ways such as Originium Arts, field medicine, medical theories, and Super-Ego through the into. Indicating a significant plot change or horror scene for Stephen King 's the Shining Book! Sample of something that is it the furthest thing from natural ( i.e will.! And where have you heard that phrase before reflection, he predicts the phone call also a... Subdued in darkness shots scattered throughout the film discussion - the Shining by Stephen King attempt to what.

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