can a dirt bike fit in a short bed

The raised truck bed rack can also be used to transport UTV’s and dirt bikes. So I've been looking at pickup trucks, but I don't know what size truck bed I would need to haul a full-sized dirt bike around. I put my DR650 in diagonally. I might upgrade to a Tacoma this year, but so many choices there. ... presently i can fit 2 dirt bikes in the bed of the truck if i turn the front wheel into the corner of the bed up front and slide the rear of the bike towards the center. Actually, if you use a front suspension holeshot device to compress the front end (and maybe you will have to rotate the handlebars down) the bike will fit. My old mans got a swb and it looks a little short in the back. How well does a dirt bike fit in a tacoma double cab short bed? Which dirt bikes can the Timbersled Ripper be used with? If you look closely you can see my ramp on the other side of my Beta. If you have rear tie down hooks put one tie down of the fron right of the bed and the other at the rear left. Both had to be at an angle to close the gate in the 6ft bed and it was pretty tight so no way they'd fit in a 5 ft bed with the gate up. Hi, I'm looking at loading and hauling a mid-size sport atv and a dirt bike in the back of an F-150 (6.5 foot bed). CopaMundial, Jul 19, 2019 #6. Scott #5. Sadly, this method can only work with one bike in the bed at the same time. Anyone had any luck with this? Timbersled systems fit a wide range of modern motocross and off-road dirt bikes. and lower load height. Has anyone fit two dirt bikes in a short bed with the tailgate up? My '88 Toyota pickup has a 6ft truck bed, no problemo for moto hauling. Keep in mind most 250cc bikes are approx 7ft. Check out our dirt bike line-up with photo galleries, specs, motocross rider reviews, events & offers. Oct 7, 2015 at 6:27 PM #2. Wanting to know if anyone who hauls a 250cc or larger dirt bike in their 5.5ft bed has any problems. Like loudog3114 I use an ATV ramp for ease of loading. If you want to get the right height, then it is time you paid attention to the dirt bike seat height charts for helpful information. The Bed Buddy simply holds your bike tires in each wheel slot so you can tie-down your motorcycle or dirt bike. Impress your buddies by easily securing your dirt bike without bending your bed rails with the Bed Buddy from CCR Sport. I have searched and not came up with any answers. I'm thinking if you stuff the front tires in the front corners and turn the bars all the way to full lock and stick the rear tires in the middle I might be able to shut the gate. Straps from handle bars - one to the RF bed corner, other strap goes LR bed corner, bike and straps make an X if that makes sense. The raised ATV rack mounts to the upper part of your truck’s bed and is adjustable to fit all truck bed widths. Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 20 of 23 Posts. Front tire in the front left bed corner. Of course my Beta's only about 220# wet so it's really easy to load compared to a sport bike. I've had both a CR250R and a CRF250R in my 6 ft bed. This lightweight, strong dirt bike tie-down is manufactured from high grade steel alloy powder coated for a long-lasting finish and support. Garce421 Senior Member. Double cabs looks sweet, but short bed doubles have that 5ft truck bed. i think i can get the bike straight in if i let the air out of the tires to gain a couple inches. (im talking about the gen. 2's, 05-08's). Some people said that you have to angle it, but the wheel will rest on the tailgate. A humped (rather than straight) ramp helps, as does using terrain features to lessen the angle. The ramps can be adjusted from side to side to line up perfectly with your ATV tires. I think the rear fender is the furthest part out from the bike. All things being equal, a dirt bike is expected to be able to fit into a truck bed of a standard long bed with its tailgate closed. As shown above, you can actually fit a dirt bike in the bed of a Toyota Tacoma… with the the tailgate closed. Before you throw a leg over any dirt bike, no matter the size you should get in the habit of wearing the proper protective gear. Bed is 59.8 inches long and 44 inches wide (at wheel wells where front tire will be). Bike is 85.4 inches long. I have heard someone throw around that a full sized bike is approximately seven feet long. Most people just panic rev and smash their bike into the back of the truck. They have traditionally been popular with beginners for their simplicity to ride and maintain. I have the same truck and I can get two bikes - my WR450 and my son's XR80 in with the tailgate down. | Unlike the truck bed of other types of trucks, when you are transporting an adult dirt bike with a standard length bed, you will not need to go through any form of struggle as the truck bed of this type of truck is at least 7 feet. Half-way up the ramp and high-centered is not a good place to be with a full-sized road bike. I'll even be putting a 10ft snowmobile in the bed at times. Employ the same care when unloading your bike from a truck bed. I have a f 150 short bed and I can get 3 dirt bikes in no problems But I do have some additional equipment to help. Gate down you can fit two bikes and with the gate up you can still get one in and swing the rear tire over to the side. This is ideal for people with multiple bikes; and those willing to shell out money to buy a cargo truck and customize it to house and keep dirt bikes in. This is why now when I'm only hauling one bike I put it in diagonaly. But ive also heard the tailgate is weak, so is that bad for it? If you do succeed in getting the front wheel on the truck bed, rolling the throttle even slightly can cause the rear tires to kick the ramp off the gate before you get your dirt bike or ATV fully onto the truck. It is a small device that you can bolt anywhere that will allow your bike to fit—on the bed floor, on a rail, or even to the top or a toolbox—using just two bolts (not included). Its a GSXR 1000 and I don't have a truck to measure. That’s a win-win-win, in my book NOTE: Having your bike sitting in the truck bed diagonally… but having your wheel turned straight up against the back of the cab is not what we’re after. Dirt bike cargo trailers are actually cargo trucks converted to house dirt bikes. Dirt bike sizing for kids . I've got a mazda b2300 (same bed as the rangers) and I agree with everyone's warning about putting the bike(s) in straight and bending the back of the bed. I'm wondering if I pickup the mount thingy I mentioned in my first post and if I can mount that part way down the front side of the bed and then use their extenders to get it out of the way of the storage piece of the roll top unit. Sizing a dirt bike for kids is pretty much the same as adults. A 2WD long-bed pickup makes life a lot easier than a lifted 4WD stepside truck, due to its longer bed (you can reinstall the tailgate!) Dual sport, trail bike, dirt bike? As for the double cab long bed, how much better does it fit? But I use my truck bed a lot; for bikes, the jon boat, yard equipment (can't fit a standard weed whacker in a short bed without opening the gate), etc.. Check the tailgate As i already stated, the angled approach can only work if your goal is to haul a single bike at once ; to add to it, sometimes that method may also not work at all actually if the motorcycle you have is particularly big, or the bed of your truck is just that short. If you’re stuck using the bed of a truck, even the truck itself makes a difference. That gives me 74ish inches diagnol. Not a big deal, I loop strap through my ramp, tool box and gas can and I'm good to go. You don’t want your tire turned. The universal Timbersled system requires the intallation of a fitted motorcycle specific kit also known as a dirt bike snow conversion kit.

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